Grassroots funding strategy

For two weeks in March, 2011, Britt Lake and I traveled across Kenya and Uganda teaching new organizations a strategy for growing their local and international fundraising. This flash animation summarizes that strategy:


grassroots funding tree globalgiving training video
Make like a tree: How to grow your organization from the grassroots

Growing your fundraising from the grassroots is best done through the GlobalGiving global open challenge. The open  is a training process meant to (re)train organizations on how to mobilize their own support through people, not organizations. It’s a 180-degree about face in thinking – Organizations need to think about faces, and Facebook.

The barriers to development are totally under your control for a good chunk of the funds you need.

(see also: behavior change)

3 thoughts on “Grassroots funding strategy

  1. G reetings. T hank you for all your services. My interest was to have your application procedures to access your services. T hank you.

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