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Why feedback loops threaten those in power

I’ve been helping get a collaboration off the ground with the goal of fixing the broken feedback loops in international aid and philanthropy. We call ourselves Feedback Labs. It’s a longstanding problem that people who receive services funded by foreigners have almost no power to shape those services. Those holding the purse strings have sole […]

Story Diversity Visualized

Using open source mapping tools (Gephi and python’s networkx), I wrote a program that will map the elements of hundreds of stories about any topic you can imagine. It uses data from GlobalGiving’s Storytelling project and a dictionary of all the keywords linked to about 10,000 projects on GlobalGiving’s website to focus the maps on words […]

The Crazy Beer Funnel in International Development

A recent World Bank Article begins: Many community driven development (CDD) projects have been found to be only mildly pro-poor in their funding allocations. That paper (The Regressive Demands of Demand-Driven Development ) goes on to examine one explanation – that people must first ask for money in order to get it. And in Tanzania […]


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