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Best Job Description Ever.

After 7 years Alexis left GlobalGiving today. Her parting words are the description of the ideal job: Whatever job you seek, aim for a workplace that inspires and challenges you to be a better person.

Features of great organizations

This week our team at GlobalGiving upgraded our website and expanded the way we measure and reward our thousands of partner organizations.  Two years ago we began this journey on the hunch that curious, learning-focused organizations grow up to become the most effective organizations at changing lives — the ones that deliver high-quality services to those […]

Modeling and rewarding learning with GlobalGiving’s community

(I originally posted this on GlobalGoodness) GlobalGiving‘s mission is to help all organizations become more effective by providing access to money, information, and ideas. That is a lofty, aspirational goal. To everyone else, it might look like all we do is run a website that connects donors to organizations. But internally, I serve on a […]

Solar: the problem was never the technology

Planet Money has an excellent episode, 616: How solar got cheap. I see a parallel here with the recent interest in listening to the world’s poor, citizen reporting, and “feedback loops” in general. Most people think it is about enabling conversations with new technology. But, like the solar panels story, I think it will be about rethinking […]

Designs on Systematic Listening

In my last blog post I introduced five testable hypotheses that apply to many designs for helping people. Some examples of those were: Cash control group: Instead of the program, give them the equivalent cash it would cost.   Decision control group: Let the people decide what intervention they want to join, and compare to […]

Listen, act, and demonstrated learning for organizations

In 2014 GlobalGiving made significant upgrades to their tools and training. Most of these improvements came directly out of the feedback organizations gave in their annual survey. They added web analytics: They measured every organization’s behavior and put it on a dashboard to give personalized feedback on their performance:   And for the first time, […]

Storytelling to understand the needs of ebola victims and war victims

When you think of storytelling, I’m guessing that your first thoughts are more about the emotional potency of stories to enrich our lives and expand our awareness, and less about about rigor. But over the years GlobalGiving has developed an approach to storytelling that allows organizations to map much more of the complexity of any […]

How to conduct a storytelling evaluation (Part 1 of 2: analyze stories)

Introduction If you work at an organization and have done an evaluation before, you probably followed these steps: Define the problem Design the survey Collect data Analyze data Form a conclusion Change project direction, apply for new funding, etc. Our process has pretty much the same steps, only in the opposite order: Analyze existing data […]

Turning victims of fraud into agents of change

Four weeks ago I attended a stunning talk from Jean Ensminger hosted by the Center for Global Development. She presented her findings about a vast network of corruption within the Arid Lands project of northern Kenya. One of her approaches was to compare sets of numbers in documents to a Benford’s distribution. It works because […]

Could microprojects make aid work better?

Yesterday Microsoft launched GiveForYouth.org, an online fundraising platform like GlobalGiving (and powered by GlobalGiving, in fact). But what makes GiveForYouth unique is that it is designed entirely around microprojects: What is a microproject? A microproject is a one-time fundraising effort to help achieve a specific activity or outcome. microprojects can either benefit specific people or […]


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