Google Wave

Signed up to beta-test Google Wave , a new email tool that pledges to cut down on all the garbage we send each other the old fashioned way. They make you explain why you deserve to be a beta tester (and prove you’re not a robot). I wrote:

“Okay, yes, I am a human being and this personalized pitch for using the Wave is proof thereof. Actually, it makes perfect sense to try something new now, since my laptop drive crashed and Eudora was over 10 years old. I’m using Thunderbird in the interim but the techies at GlobalGiving where I work say GWAVE is going to change everything. Well we damn well need it asap, since I calculated our coworkers write 5 copies of Gone With The Wind to each other in crappy outlook conversations every 4 months at my office. That is totally inefficient, not to mention a high-risk behavior for carpel tunnel’s syndrome.”

One thought on “Google Wave

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you gwave seems very promising I just hope they get it right and hopefully many others will adopt it as well. In the office I noticed that a ton of e-mails are sent out that really make no sense or just shouldn’t have been sent to begin with. I really look forward to seeing what changes this will do overall in everyones outlook to e-mailing.

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