These blog posts will likely be combined in the paths to prosperity book I’m writing:

1. Evolution and Complexity Demystified by goats – genetic algorithms explained

2. Reducing the mona lisa to 140 characters – 2nd genetic algorithm example

3. The future of big data is quasi-unstructured – basic definitions for big data, types of algorithms, and emergence from complexity

4. Pythonic thinking for international development

5. Simplicity beyond complexity and Iterative thinking behind the storytelling project – about agile design and lean startup thinking

6. Evolution: a cartoon explanation

7. Five things every aid worker needs to know about Evolution

7. Innovation in Chunks, episode one

One thought on “Complexity

  1. Hi… just found out about your site and work today, via a post by Thaler Pekar. Am very iunterested and would like to talk with you. Hope to hear back soon. Have a great day, Bruce

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