Chaos in Nairobi Airline officers after the Volcano fiasco

Since I’m stuck in Kenya for another week due to the Volcanostrophe, here are some of the latest events:

I walked into the KLM / Kenya Airways ticketing office in downtown Nairobi. Last night Heather got me re-booked on a flight, but it wasn’t leaving for another week and I had been told by Sylvia (a travel agent helping me) that I could probably get myself moved up if I went in person to negotiate. So I did.

The scene was pandemonium. The line went out the building and my customer service number was 870 at 10 am. Guards let people in from the queue 5 at a time then locked the glass doors to the office. Inside 12 stations dealt with disgruntled passengers. I overheard that the earliest flight to Europe was May 2nd now. Just 6 hours ago – under the cover of night – I got my flight booked a week earlier for April 27th. I was beginning to feel luckier than I felt.

I noticed the customer complaint (feedback) kiosk was totally out of forms. Figured. I “helped” them out a little by cutting up a stack of blank paper I had with me and restocked it. I’d hate for any of this valuable feedback to be missed. I filled out one myself.

“I bought a ticket with KLM, then changed my return date before the volcano. Suddenly I was a Delta customer. Delta has terrible customer service and made me wait 90 minutes both times I called.

Even worse, they share codes but not computer information with partners, so no one can even see my ticket, much less solve my problems. I wish KLM would handle it’s own customer service on flights we buy directly through their website.”

Even when I got a person, my code came up with someone else’s name. Turns Delta and Kenya Airways/Air France / KLM code can use the same code for the same flight but book different people.

But eventually, my mystery booking was confirmed.

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