Support local food and community through BikeLoc



Bikeloc is a project of two guys – Robert DuBois and Aaron Zueck – interested in capturing stories of the local food movement through potlucks going on across America. They recently set out on their cross-country biking adventure, and are filming, blogging and eating along the way.

The stories of the adventures they encounter on their blog are incredibly romantic – which include hailstorms, homestays and farms – and their photos of the American terrain are breathtaking.

I especially love this realization from Robert’s bio: "For a long time I thought the food I was eating was making me sick, and in the process of trying to figure out why, I discovered how our industrialized food system works and over time realized that good food is the greatest healer of all."

Follow the journal at and pass it on!

Live route logging:

Kinda like Couchsurfing with a social purpose!

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