If my bake sale was run by AT&T

Today Alexis Nadin at GlobalGiving held a bake sale to support a dozen projects in Africa through her Fundraiser.

She wrote in email: "You can make a donation using cash (suggested $2 minimum) or donate using your credit card on my fundraiser page here ($10 minimum): http://www.globalgiving.org/dy/fundraiser/prevfund/gg.html?regid=3643.

Donations made using credit cards will help me reach my goal of $4,000 from 50 donors! "

She is very flexible in her pricing.

What if a US phone company ran this bake sale?

  1. You would need to sign a $50 contract that automatically charged your credit card $10 a week during the bake sale.
  2. The cookies would come in 7 colors, but they would all be oatmeal raisin.
  3. The minimum price per bakesale item would be $2.00, but if you went to the store the whole box would cost $3.00.
  4. I would be forbidden from eating any other cookies during the life of my 5-week contract.
  5. AT&T would give you a free paper plate for your cookie, and then offer you a fancier glass plate. If you took it, you would automatically extend your contract by another $50 and 5-weeks.
  6. Some cookies would random fall off your plate when you went into the elevator.

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