More Story theme maps about Kenyan NGOs

I find these visual displays of words from groups of stories about organizations fascinating, and rather representative of the stories themselves.

Mpira Mtaani

Mpira Mtaani

Mpire Mtaani is a youth sports & development organization based in Kibera and supported by Vision Africa, World Vision, and others. Mentioned in 55 stories.

Carolina for Kibera

Carolina for kibera mentioned in 211 stories

The Carolina for Kibera stories don’t give you as good of an idea about what they do, but they get mentioned a lot and work in Kibera, obviously. Binti Pamoja is the name of one of their programs. They apparently pay school fees, help people, and get thanked a lot. (filter threshold was 8 phrase mentions instead of 2 for Mpira Mtaani – took out a lot of the extra words)

Red Cross

Red Cross mentioned in 450 stories

Red Cross apparently helps internally displaced people, provides basic needs, addressed post election violence, and gives food, clothing, and shelter. They also talk about raising donations for the drought.

UNHCR and World Health Organization

UNHCR and World Health (organization) mentioned in 84 stories

UNHCR is not connected to anything, whereas World Health Organization is. I couldn’t search for “WHO” since that is used in thousands of irrelevant stories. It’s clear that providing Mosquito nets, malaria drugs, provided free of charge, and dealing with drug abuse are among the activities carried out. They also deal with dieases and family planning, and saving peoples’ lives.

World Vision

World Vision mentioned in 603 stories, mostly from Masaka Uganda

World Vision appears to do everything. They help young children, support orphans & widows, “especially people,” and they build toilets and houses (off the center of the map). They are also mentioned with “old people”, and they provide school fees and uniforms:

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