News Cycle Maps for two weeks following the Japan Earthquake

Using the website, I’ve been tracking the relative areas of the politics (red) and business (green) news around the world since the Japanese tsunami-earthquake . Visually, you can see the news cycle now.

Newsmap Timeline:

Monday, March 20, 2011 (AM):

Monday, March 20, 2011: 5pm

Tuesday, March 21, 2011: 11am

Tuesday, March 21, 2011: 7pm

Thursday, March 23, 2011: 12am

Friday, March 24, 2011: 1am

Trend after one week:

Contrary to my expectations, the portion of RED is growing. This means that politics are filling up a larger part of the news zeitgeist in the week following Japan’s March 11, 2011 tsunami and earthquake. Libya is a part of this trend, but Japan is still a major news story. It was refreshing to see the blue entertainment part of the newsmaps nearly vanish. But with the March 24th death of Elizabeth Taylor, stories affecting millions of us still living will once again go underreported.

Week Two:

Monday, March 27, 2011: 1am

Monday, March 27,  2011: 2pm

Tuesday, March 28, 2011: 1pm

Wednesday, March 29, 2011: 12am

Thursday, March 30, 2011: 12am

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Friday, April 1st, 2011:11am

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011: 12am

One thought on “News Cycle Maps for two weeks following the Japan Earthquake

  1. I also realized I missed the Indian cricket world cup and that the royal wedding had two cakes!

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