Empowering Youth in Dadaab Refugee Camp

I’ve been trying to write a program will match stories (www.globalgiving.org/stories) to GlobalGiving projects. Here are what matches to Empowering youth in Dadaab refugee camp, project #8730.

Dadaab project description:

Dadaab Refugee Camp in the Northeastern province of Kenya is in the middle of a number of crisis. Drought, famine, and violence have brought a huge number of Somalis and other refugees into the camp. The youth are being actively recruited as Islamic militants and many have few options but to join. We have devised a solution. We will be empowering the youth for positive change and give them opportunities for education and self employment through our DadaabNet project.

$25 provides one ICT course to a Dadaab Refugee Youth and teaches him social enterprise for social change.

“Relevant” Stories form Kenya’s community storytelling project:

DISCOVERING TALENTS. Mumias Sugar Company has always ran in the minds of the youth after the Managers fearlessly and with determination decided to sponser AFC Leopards football club.The football club was of very great importance to the youth since it was a means of employment and was to help most of the youth discover their talent. Through the development of the AFC Leopards football club the youth have remained busy and have no time to waste in immoral activities.Most of the youths also hope to join the club to develop their talents.
YOUTH SELF EMPLOYMENT In our country many youth or young persons decide that after finishing their basic education, they should spend their remaining life on luxury deals or marry.In that cause of marrying the youth do not have working places for salaries to upkeep them.The “self Employed youth Committee urges our African youngstars to be self employed so as not to depend on others or be parasites.Some youth who took it serious they respond to it as improvement. Some of us haven’t finished our education but we commenced it very early as soon as we learned of it being of benefit.Some of us rare rabbits,hens and other do wood work in order to sell them and get their up keep.Pigeons, rabbits and hens do reproduce very fast,grow very fast and the number of their young ones numerous giving to high capital after selling. They are very cleap to maintain upto the mature age.The only problem with this that the youth face is looking for food and cure for their deases.Sometime the food run out causing them to starre for long period of time.But presently there era some manufactured food for them.There illness are very tough that when attacked they sweep almost every thing.It is also hard to distinguish the disease.The SEYC has given out some illnesses with sighs in these animals or creatures together with their possible cures or prevention.
ADOLESCENCE Adolescence is stage in life style that one has to pass through.It is a stage that one enters his or her youthful stage and mostly the changes that the youths get change their lives for a lifetime. There are programmes underground to train and guide the adolescents to that they dont engage in bad habits in the society.Such programmes underground to train and guide the adolescents so that they dont engage in bad habits in the society.Such programmes are carried out mostly by the churches who have their youth section.Within their multitude.They <youths>do have thier own time for going to the church and from the church they get guidance and training done by the church leaders such as pastors and bishops or even special teachers organised by the church administration.The youths need mote attention from the government churches and even Non-governmental organisations to help support themselves and avoid crimes.
A MAJOR CONTRIBUTION BY APHIA II WESTERN People in my community face a major challenge in a number of ways.Mainly it is the impact brought about by HIV/AIDS that has affect many people badly. Some organization have therefore taken the task to help and to bring about the desire change. I have known Aphia II western in western province direct much of their attention to help bring out training workshop s to help sensitization and counselling of both the affected people with HIV/ADS in my community.
LAUGHING TO PROBLEM SOLUTION Every Kenyan today either young or old trust me is a great fun of the comic show churchil live.But intresting enough this show is not all about comics but also about empowering the talented youths,getting to represent the needs of the community to it6s leaders,engaging with youth and teenager and last;y entertainment. It empower the youth talented by inviting local artist such as poets,musicians and commedians to came and present what they are best at doing to an eager audience.In exchange they are appreciated,acknoledged,motivated and are to earn something by the end of the day. The show weekly take chances to visit young teenagers and youth in churches,schools and even events.Here they get to teach on “chilling” a symbol of letter V by fingers.It means that you are a virgin and here they tell the youth the benefits of abstaining.They also engage with them through talks and get their views about life.Through this society has been able to understand how the youth feel and tried to help them. Lastly the show invites prominent leaders.They challange them by evaluating them.They also get to hear how far they have gone their goals and ambitions.Aspiring politicians and leaders come it and give their manifestos.The show through its comics carries a lot of things.
Agricultural Societies One day agricultural societies in the province came together to educate people on how to propagate crops. First they encouraged people to practice nursery management activities that most of the people did not know. First, they educated people of factors to consider when selecting a a nursery bed. the thoroughly explained and sued to help the farmers who had accepted to join the co-operative societies. The farmers were taught on nursery management practices. By the end of the year, there were high crop yield all over the province and the prices of commodities that were high were reduced to reasonable prices. this ideas where spread to other farmers all over the country. Farmers who were concerned tool the advices which others did not. There are employment opportunities all over especially on the farmers during the peak and harvesting system.
Donation It was the month of may 25th the year 2011 whereby standard group people take in action helping thae turkana people who are strken by hunger.They tried their best to give food even though it is not atotal help out better save than sorry and better held bread than full bread.The hunger problem has been caused by drought which has effected the area but standard group has realized the adage that states that unity is strength and the way our national anthem pledges us to unite so that we can succeed.I was pleased with the action and I hope there will be further help for our brothers and sisters in turkana to help them overcome the obstacles.
Tranforming the youth The youth in my region have been seen to lack direction.Majority have for a long time got hooked on drugs and heavy drinking.This vices have encouraged ill behaviour such as irresponsible sex and theft.With this the society seemed to be heading the wrong direction.However an organization by the name AMREF came to be of great help to my area.For about two years,they have from time time holding workshops where they tend to educate the youths on the need to avoid the vices.They have even talked about HIV/AIDs and its relations to these vices.I can say recently a change has been recorded within the youth in the area and thus the society is geared towards a vibrant future.

What do you think? Is the program working? One heretical thing the algorithm does is bypass the obvious approach of matching stories that name an organization with organizations of that name. I plan to add that in next, but wanted to see whether the language matches – meaning these stories are mathematically the most relevant one by content, even if they are about a different organization.

I do think matching organizations by matching names is helpful, but that process appears to be much harder in practice. Caroline for Kibera has 27 different aliases, due to misspellings, and people knowing them by the names of their projects instead of as C4K (yet another alias for Carolina for Kibera).

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