Start with the ending

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

Note: Jump to 5:20 for the audio that accompanies this transcript below.

What would happen if we lived our whole lives starting with the ending?

Die first. Get that out of the way.

And then…

ENJOY your retirement. Travel… see the world.

I guess eventually you’d feel like giving something back. So probably time to go to work.

But that first day of work’s kinda cool. You get a gold watch. People all look up to you.

Doesn’t take long before you feel restless though, like you need to change jobs.

Start feelin like you need to be more street level, y’know? Not up in that corner window. So you need to be in a service kind of job.

So you look around. Eventually you find your true calling working in a summer camp.

It’s good. Probably the pinnacle of your career.

But when you decide that money’s not that important, maybe it’s time to give up on work. Cause it’s wisdom you’re after,


So this would be a good time to go to college, right?

So you go to college. Wow. Probably take enough drugs until you’re ready for high school. But as you go through your education you find yourself learning simpler and simpler things. Until with that Zen-like simplicity you’re learning language itself.

Just how to say what you really mean.

But then you realize that anything really worth speaking simply can’t be spoken, so, you quit talking.

It’s not a big deal. You’re taking yourself a lot lighter these days.

You’re just a baby.

But when you decide this whole incarnation is just too much of a burden,

You decide to go out

as a glimmer in someone’s eye.

That’s a life well lived.

Because you started with the ending.

– David Wilcox

And when you’re thinking about how to end this chapter so a new chapter can begin, here are some things to think about:


[Making time for Life]

[The Richest of all have just enough]

[The Gratitudes]

This post is dedicated to and inspired by Susan Leigh.

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