Year of the covid: 2020 memes and images

March 2020


As the covid19 lockdown begins in mid-March, the stock market tanks. Trump has expressed a strong opinion on this twice before.

In another part of the world, Malala and Greta Thunberg hang out together.

March 9th: 3000 dead.

People start to freak out about what they might not be able to buy soon.

With nobody driving, a barrel of oil costs LESS than the empty barrel.

Motif investment (now folio) funds at this time show what people want to own. Energy is down. Bear market funds are up.

The InformationIsBeautiful billion-dollar-gram is updated for 2020. The big yellow box is an early (March 2020) estimate of what covid19 would cost the US Federal government: $7.8 trillion. This is a gross underestimate, it turns out. By October the estimate was $16 trillion (source:JAMA)


March 17th: Funeral fill the newspaper in Italy.

March 20

March 24

Politicians say they can’t possibly test people.

A lack of centralized response leads to county-lines that are visible from space, due to local leaders implementing local policies. This is West Palm Beach.

Trump blames governors for the lack of resources — ventilators.

March 30

Doctor Liu Kai and an 87-year-old patient enjoy the sunset view on their way for a CT scan at the Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province, March 5, 2020.

Photo by Gan Junchao/Xinhua – This was picture of the year elsewhere too.

April 2020

Kentucky (orange) vs Tennessee (blue) in shutting down commerce

Easter 2020

Fear of covid being transferred on surfaces remains high, even though the evidence is overwhelming that airborne transmission is the main problem, and that masks would be 98% effective if people wore them consistently.

With close to 25 million people out of work, food lines grow to lengths not seen since the Great Depression


May 2020

Police killings sparks major BLM protests across the US, with calls for justice.

Protests in Israel practice social distancing

CDC begins over-reporting the number of Covid tests being done.

One small business owner in Minneapolis uses her vandalized storefront to send a message of solidarity with justice-seekers in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

The US police state begins to become apparent to many who believed America was exceptional, unique, and perfect. Arial police drones over cities become a common sight.



Portland, OR. June 3, 2020.

June 9, 2020

8 can’t wait releases some policy recommendations for ending the police state.

A timeless message. (This is from 2016 women’s march, actually)

A dialogue about what white privilege means starts (again).

A pilot sends a message with his flight path

How police interrogated protestors in NYC, in June 2020.

Going back into archives, we find how intentionally racist these 1900s era statues were meant to be. The area was supposed to be for Whites only.

Unraveling my personal onion of white privilege in America becomes my anti-racist work.

June 19th is the day Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation.

How women are portrayed – as helpless victims to be rescued – I learned this is called the “virtuous victim narrative.”

July 2020

NYC paints “black lives matter” on the street in front of Trump tower.

Two narratives about the world continue to separate.

The lack of prevention in Red states starts to show effects on infection rates.

Compare that with risk of covid in parts of Africa


Mask wearing remains inconsistent almost everywhere.

In July, a rare visible comment approaches the Earth. This photo from a remote part of China.

August 2020

Political conventions, held remotely.

September 2020

In 1944 a group of antifa activist paratroopers are shown preparing to drop into occupied Italy.

Infection rates declining in most areas, as schools prepare to reopen.

The 2020 zeitgeist up to this point:

Ruth Bader Ginsberg dies. NBA player remember her.

Trump immediately plans to push through another ideologue to the supreme court

October 2020

More records of Trumps illusory wealth is uncovered by the New York Times

Meanwhile, in China, a 1400 year old Gingo blooms in autumn.

How it started … how its going meme emerges

Churches are slowly coming to grips with what their pulpits should be used for…

There are supporters of both political parties in all counties across America.

The food lines are still everywhere, just not on the news.

FiveThirtyEight’s forcast on Oct 29th. This appears to be nearly identical to the actual result, except Florida and North Carolina went Republican.

One aspect of Trumpism is using the media’s hunger for spectacle to foment anger by constantly yellowing about being the victim.

November 2020

The Mandalorian returns.

2020 election results. This shows the MARGIN of victory for each county in the DARKNESS of the blue/red bubble. Total votes per county shown in size of bubble. What’s clear is that most of the country is grayer than we might think.

McConnell resists acknowledging Biden’s victory for a month. 

Armistice Day

December 2020

Over 250,000 people have died of covid19, and the death rate is accelerating.

And the battle to stop Biden from becoming president continues…


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